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Pre Waxing Tips:

o Exfoliate the day before you wax. This will help to loosen the
hair follicles so the hairs come out easier with your wax.
o You may want to take an over the counter pain medication 30
minutes before your wax. This will help to take the edge off but

consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any medical
conditions or on any prescription meds.
o Your hair must be a 1/4 ” in length (about the size of a grain of
rice). Anything shorter will just pull and not come out, causing
undue pain and not a smooth result. I always recommend
coming between every 4-6 weeks between waxes.

  oAvoid coffee and alcohol 3 hours before your wax.

The high acidity levels make your skin more sensitive.

 Post Wax Tips:

o Don’t tan 48 hours after your wax and wear sunscreen. You will
be sun sensitive.
o Avoid working out or physical activity for 48 hours because your
pores are more open which can cause more irritation with the
skin or cause bumps.
o Wear loose fitting clothing. Your skin will be slightly red and
bumpy after the service which is normal.
o It’ll take 7-10 days before you start seeing any hair growth.
o Don’t shave or trim in between appointments so you can
continue to have the smoothest result possible with your wax.

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